With a vision to enhance customers’ support in the aviation sector, GNR Engineering & Aerospace (Pvt.) Ltd, was established in 2017. We have since concentrated our efforts to becoming one of the leading aviation solution providers to customers in our target market. We are engaged with aerospace, defense and other high technology companies that wish to pursue strategic growth through smart strategies in an increasingly complex and competitive operating environment.

GNR Engineering & Aerospace (Pvt.) Ltd is amongst one of the leading distributor, consulting firm, OEM representatives, and technical solution providers to the aviation industry for armed forces, commercial, and business operators in the Pakistan. Our headquarters is located in Lahore, Pakistan with a field office in Islamabad/ Rawalpindi. Primarily we act as an exclusive agent / representative company for domestic and Foreign OEMs/ service providers who want to sell their products and services in Pakistan.

Our principle line of business is to mediate all types of sale and purchase of equipment parts, hardware, software, and machinery. Parts related to civil and military defense, aircraft/aerospace and their related industries. We also intend to buy, sell, repair, convert, alter, let o hire hardware importers and exporters of all kinds of goods and materials. Our consulting services use a logical and effective approach to achieve tangible results for clients that have resulted in proven success. We achieve this through on time communication, minimizing lead times and maximizing operational efficiency.


Development of Winning Proposals

Assistance With Entry into a New Market Area

Capture Planning of a Specific Opportunity

Being Close to Your Customers

Focusing an Attention to Detail


Fast and Effective Communication

Prompt and Flexible to Project Change Challenges

in Services


GNR Engineering & Aerospace (Pvt.) Ltd has established a presence in the domestic markets through a network of highly qualified personnel in supply chain management. This allows us to support our customers where they operate, provide them with on time deliveries and cost effective options to meet their operational objectives, and create value to enhance their operational excellence.

Operating with principals from UAE, France, USA and China has added to the efficacy of our operations and has paved the way for further opportunities in other international/domestic markets. We aim to establish long term, mutually beneficial relationships in order or provide highest quality of goods and services.


List of registrations;

  1. The Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)
  2. Pakistan Air Force (PAF)
  3. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC)
  4. Shaheen Aerotraders (SAT)
  5. Chamber Of Commerce

Quality Assurance is of utmost importance to us and the backbone of all our operations. For this, we have developed a thorough quality assurance mechanism. We ensure compliance with all requirements stipulated by the regulatory authorities in Pakistan.

We adhere to the industry’s best practices for our valued customers by consistently striving to ensure that all products supplied, repaired or overhauled are procured, stored, inspected and handled in accordance with the standards and specifications outlined by the OEM or regulatory authorities, and ensure full transparency between the end user and OEM.

The Quality Assurance mechanism monitors all technical and support functions to ensure that they are always in compliance with engineering procedures and regulatory requirements.


We intend to modernize the Armed Forces and the internal security forces of Pakistan in a modern and effective sense to ensure national defense and internal security.


To provide state of the art defense equipment and support complimented by highest standard of market knowledge at a groundbreaking cost. We aim to achieve supply chain excellence by minimizing the lead times and ensuring on time delivery to our clients.


To have strong collaboration in networking among global defense contractors and our clients to ensure mutually beneficial relations by providing optimized consultancy services.