We are experienced in defense equipment procurement and specialized consultancy. We are committed to delivering defense engineering procurement services of the highest quality and standards for a broad range of consumer profile. We are currently supporting the following weapons systems;

  1. French weapons systems (Mirage, DA-20)
  2. American weapons systems (F-16, C-130, T-37)
  3. Chinese weapons systems (F-7, F-7 PG, JF-17, ZDK-03)
  4. Anglo-Italian weapons systems (AW-139)
  5. Russian (IL-78/ MI-171)


GNR Engineering & Aerospace (Pvt.) Ltd was established to service both fixed and rotary wing aircraft in the commercial and military aviation aftermarket in Pakistan. We represent a number of leading OEMs for material support of all systems of aircraft and our capabilities extend to globally recognized OEMs.


Aircraft Parts

Supply Chain Management


Avionics / Instruments

Maintenance Repairs & Overhaul


Spare Parts Procurement

Engines & Engine Components

Backward & Forward Integration


Products come with traceable certification from reliable sources only. Provided airway bill number allows you instant traceability of your delivery. Fresh overhauled parts from the best reputable workshops. No minimum order fees. Your order is important to us regardless of size or quantity.